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We receive emails from creators on a daily basis, asking the same question: How to promote my YouTube channel? There are many ways to create buzz for your channel but at VRocket, we promote YouTube videos using the latest YouTube Promotion strategies in advertising. VRocket is the ideal solution for anyone that is asking themselves how to get ads on YouTube. Instead of doing it yourelft, you can work with an entire team of specialists that will do the work for you.

Unlike other providers, we only promote YouTube videos directly on YouTube. All views are generated using Google Ads and your ad campaigns are optimized by our experienced management team. So, if you have been wondering how to get more views on YouTube, let us help you promote you YouTube channel and increate YouTube views.

Creators and Businesses use VRocket to increase YouTube subscribers

We advertise your YouTube videos to increase YouTube views and grow your Youtube channel. For those who don’t know how to get ads on YouTube or how to promote videos on Youtube, you’re at the right spot! Use VRocket to get ads on YouTube fast.

For Musicians & Vloggers

If you’re a musician or vlogger, this is your chance to get your music and content out there! There’s never been a bigger opportunity than YouTube to share your music with the world. We help you to get your videos in front of people already watching videos similar to yours. Increase YouTube views and subscribers and build a passionate following.

For Producers & Publishers

Got incredible videos to share with the worlds? Our YouTube specialists will promote your YouTube videos, help you grow your YouTube channel and get you the views you deserve! For thos YouTubers who are wondering how to promote my YouTube channel, you’re at the right spot! You just need to step out of the crowd VRocket's expertise.

For Businesses & Brands

Wondering how to promote videos on YouTube to advertise your brand or business? VRocket helps you to simplify the process at affordable prices and increase the chance of your YouTube videos going viral. We promote your YouTube videos using the latest YouTube promotion strategies and getting started only takes 2 minutes.

Increase real youtube views and get real subscribers

Wondering how to get ads on YouTube? Promote your YouTube videos with VRocket

If you are asking yourself how to get more views on YouTube or how to get ads on your YouTube videos, You are at the right place. VRocket is used by musicians, vloggers, brands, and businesses to promote YouTube videos from around the world.

100% Real Views on YouTube

No bots or fake views! We generate YouTube views and promote your YouTube videos using YouTube’s sponsored adversiting. You can verify all views through your own YouTube Creator Studio Analytics. We are asked daily how to promote my YouTube channel by creators, and we developed VRocket to make it easy for you to grow your YouTube channel using the latest advertising tactics.

High Quality Views only

With VRocket, you can select your own target audience and choose exactly whom you want to see your videos. By advertising to a targeted audience only, we help budding YouTubers and businesses to promote their YouTube channels, promote YouTube videos and gain high-quality views through video ads, using Google Adwords.

Best Price in the market

YouTube video advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. Most creators simply don’t know how to promote videos on YouTube. VRocket helps to promote your YouTube channel using YouTube ads and does so starting at only $30. We offer the best price for high quality, real YouTube views. You can see the campaign results, data and statistics in your VRocket dashboard.

Frequently Ask Quesiton

01. Why should I use VRocket?

Unlike other providers, we only use the YouTube Advertising Platform (Google Ads) to promote your videos - thus your videos are seen by real people only (no bots, no fakes). If you know how to manage and optimise Google Ad campaigns, then you can also promote the videos yourself. We act and operate like an advertising agency, but we don’t charge thousands of dollars. All our prices are standardised and we start from as little as $30. VRocket is perfect for those creators or businesses that want to work with an agency but don’t necessarily have the funds to pay the traditional agency fees.

02. Are the views real or from bots?

All views are real. We help you run ads directly in YouTube and target the audience that is most likely to engage with your video. All views are real and come directly from within YouTube. No bots, No inactive accounts. Through our direct integration with Google Ads API, the advertising campaign data is pulled directly into your VRocket dashboard. You can also verify all views in your YouTube Creator Studio Analytics. It’s 100% transparent and you can follow the performance of your campaign step by step.

03. Can you guarantee subscribers, likes or comments?

We advertise your video to real people directly on YouTube. Viewers can subscribe, like or comment on your videos just as they can with any other video on YouTube. These are real people so there is even a possibility to receive dislikes, and negative comments, or they may watch your video without engaging at all. Over 80% of our campaigns see some form of engagement and to increase the likelihood of your video being successful, we recommend you to use interactive features such as Call-to-Action, end screens, subscribe buttons - these can help you create opportunities for viewers to engage further with your channel.

Be aware! Any company that guarantees subscribers, likes or comments in any form, typically uses bots, or inactive and fake accounts. These will have no positive impact on your channel and may even get your channel flagged or suspended by YouTube

04. Where and how will you promote my video?

We advertise your video directly on YouTube (using the Google Ads platform) in different ways:

a) As a skippable ad before similar videos

b) As a recommended video alongside similar videos

c) As a featured search results, so when users search for relevant keywords, YouTube will show your video in the top results.

Depending on your video content, our team will automatically choose the type of advertisement that best aligns with your campaign goals. We will use the keywords or similar channels you provided us to ensure only users who are most likely to be interested in your content will see you video ad.

05. Is there any risk for my channel to use VRocket’s promotion services?

No, there is no risk with using VRocket. We use YouTube’s own advertising platform (Google Ads) and follow YouTube’s terms of service. You can verify all views in your YouTube Creator Studio Analytics. Thousands of YouTube channels already use advertising services successfully.

06. How is VRocket different from other platforms?

VRocket uses only YouTube advertising to promote your videos. There are unfortunately a lot of companies out there that sell YouTube views and subscribers. This has created a very bad reputation the industry. VRocket was created by the marketing agency Ignite ROI, who have been a long standing Google Partner and also have completed the Google Ads Video Certification program. We have been running online marketing campaigns for clients for years. The reason we created VRocket is that we wanted to make it easier for people with smaller budgets to also use professional YouTube advertising teams like us, to set up their campaigns. How do i know that the views are real

07. How do I know that the views are real?

All views are verifiable inside your YouTube analytics. When you look at the ‘source’ of the views generated for your video, you will see that it is coming from YouTube.

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