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How to get started

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1. Enter Your URL

To get started, all you need to do is enter your URL. at the top of the page.

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2. Select Your Targeting

Select your target audience so we know how to target your YouTube Ads

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3. Get Views, subscribers & engagement

We will setup the ads on YouTube for you and you can monitor the results on your campaign dashboard

Mamie Park

I started a fitness channel which I am trying to promote. Tried a couple of methods and so far just nothing comes close to VRocket. I get 3-4k vierws on each of my videos now

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Caspar Visser

VRocket helped me to grow my YouTube channel and get more subs. So far so good. Safe to use and their team has been very responsive

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Manuel Potts

I was very skeptical when I started but they proved me wrong. My video did great and they did exactly as promised.

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Mint Natchanon

If you create videos like me, I highly recommend you to use VRocket to run YouTube advertising. When you finally get real engagement and love on the videos you created...

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Show your videos to the world!

Insert the link of the video you want to promote to start setting up your YouTube ad campaign

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Learn how to get ads on YouTube and promote your YouTube Channel and videos with Vrocket


Wondering how to get more views on YouTube or how to get ads on your YouTube videos? Well, you are at the right place. VRocket is used by musicians, vloggers, brands, and businesses to promote YouTube videos, promote YouTube channels, and boost the number of views to get better brand recognition.

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100% real views on YouTube

No bots or fake views! We generate YouTube views and promote your YouTube videos using YouTube’s sponsored ads. You can verify all views through your YouTube Creator Studio Analytics. We get asked daily how to promote my YouTube channel by creators, and we developed VRocket to help and guide creators through the process of growing their YouTube channel using the latest advertising tactics.

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High Quality Views Only

With VRocket, you can select your target audience and our advertising team will make sure that your videos reach the right viewers. You can verify all the views we generate through ads in your own YouTube analytics too. At V-Rocket, we help budding YouTubers and businesses to promote YouTube channels, promote YouTube videos and get high-quality views through video advertising, using Google Adwords.

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Best Price In the Market

YouTube video advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. Most creators simply don’t know how to promote videos on YouTube. VRocket helps to promote your YouTube channel using YouTube ads and does so starting at only $30. We offer the best price for high quality, real YouTube views, allowing creators to get cheap YouTube views. You can see the results in your dashboard with all data and statistics.

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How We Perform YouTube Video Promotion

At VRocket, we promote YouTube videos using the latest YouTube Promotion strategies, to maximize views and reach the right people. We get asked on a daily basis: “How to promote my YouTube channel?” Thus, we created VRocket, a complete solution for creators who are trying to find out how to get ads on YouTube. Instead of doing it yourself, VRocket provides an entire team of specialists that can set up ad campaigns for you.

We only promote your YouTube videos on YouTube and target viewers who are most likely to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel. Your YouTube views are generated using Google Ads and set up and optimized by our experienced ad management team. So, if you have been struggling to find out how to get more views on YouTube, let us help you promote your YouTube channel and increase YouTube views. Best of all, you only have to pay when someone watches your videos for at least 30 seconds. We don't charge for other views.

our team

Our VRocket Team at Your Service

We Help Creators & Businesses Get Their Videos Noticed and Increase YouTube Subscribers

Get ads on YouTube fast. We advertise your YouTube videos to increase YouTube views and grow your YouTube channel. For those who do not know how to get ads on YouTube or how to promote videos on YouTube, you’re at the right spot!

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For Musicians & Vloggers

If you’re a musician or vlogger, this is your chance to get your music and content out there! There's never been a bigger opportunity than YouTube to share your talents. We help you target viewers and increase YouTuber views from people who will be the most passionate about your content.

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For Producers & Publishers

Got incredible videos to share with the world? Our YouTube specialists will promote your youtube videos, help you grow your YouTube channel and get you the views you deserve! For those YouTubers who are wondering how to promote my YouTube channel, you’re at the right spot! You just need to step out of the crowd with VRockets' expertise.

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For Businesses & Brands

For most businesses, the biggest concern is how to promote videos on YouTube. Here VRocket offers a complete solution to you simplifying how to get ads on your YouTube videos and increase the chance of your YouTube video going viral. We promote your videos using YouTube video advertising and the latest YouTube promotion strategies.

The Easiest Way to Promote YouTube Videos and Get Real YouTube Subscribers

Insert the link of the video you want to promote to start setting up your YouTube ad campaign

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